April 7, 2011

New Beginnings

My name is Sarah Watson. I am 28 years old and spend the majority of my life playing.

I have a degree in Biology and Chemisty from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire (that I have never used). At one time Veterinary school was my next step in life, but I put that aspiration on hold to travel and see the world.... I never went back.

I have a house in Boulder, Colorado, but currently live in my van and spend my life's energy rock climbing, practicing yoga, and making art.

The van is a 17 year old converted Chevy Astro Van. "The Beast" has seen better days, but she is still trucking along down the highway, racking up miles and creating memories.

Charlie is my companion ... my other half. She is a border collie mutt that picked me out at the shelter three and a half years ago. I wasn't planning on getting a dog, but she said "that one" .... and i couldn't help but take her home. She has the coolest dog-life that I know of, and travels with me to countless rock-climbing destinations. She has endless freedom and no lack of adventure.

Rock climbing also found me. I never had any inclination to challenge myself in the vertical realm as a child. Growing up in the very flat town of Green Bay, Wisconsin, I didn't know the sport existed until I was practically finished with college. Terrified of heights, i was scared to even stand near a third floor balcony! I never imagined that I would come to love hanging by my fingertips hundreds of feet off the ground.

Disinterested in the american dream, I took off on the road after graduation, needing to experience life in the fullest. I had to see everything, do everything, go everywhere, and meet everyone possible. I wanted nothing but the basics, owning only what I could carry on my back. I didn't need much, and simply wanted to learn, grow and understand myself and life in a deeper way.

That is when rock climbing found me....

I now have the van and Charlie.

This blog is the story of our life together .... Follow along on our adventures, and enjoy the ride!

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