April 14, 2011

Heading out!

Oh Indian Creek... it is time for us to part ways once again... 
As always, I have had an amazing time scaling flawless cracks, gazing at sweeping landscapes, and finding solace in perfect desert silence. Do not worry, i will be back this fall to commune once again over campfires and morning coffee... 

I dedicate this post to the many friends who shared this special time with me ....

Mason Kinloch Earle ... plastic flute-boxing

Hannah Preston ... doubting dinner

 Haircuts and Budweiser ... Bronson Hovnanian skeptically looking on 

Princess Charlie .... "I didn't do nothin' momma!"

The van ... exploding in the park

Scott Deputy .... climbing at the Crackhouse

Pamela Pack ... crushing the inversion

Amanda Smith .... loving it

 Me... hanging with the crew at the crackhouse

Special props to Mason Earle, featured in the latest Rock and Ice!

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